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Should anything go wrong, your vessel and everybody on board are fully covered by a trusted insurance policy.

Boat insurance is an important part of owning, renting or using any kind of boat, from jet skis, yachts and motorboats to speed boats and hovercrafts. Making sure you have the right cover means that should anything go wrong or anything untoward happen, you and everybody on board are fully covered by a trusted insurance policy.

Taylor Watkins can help you find the right insurance cover for all types of boats in the UK and we help you choose the policy that is best suited for you and your prized boat. Rather than having to chase various insurers to compare many quotes, we are able to provide easy access to a whole host of insurers for all nature of boats and vessels.

Cover is available for anyone in the UK who is making use of a water vessel and anyone who owns a boat. The process is totally secure and our website is encrypted to secure all of your data. Our service is also 100% free of charge. We don’t make our money from our customers. However, we may receive a fee from the insurer. Additionally, we promise to never sell or give out any of your details to any third parties.

“Boat Insurance Compare gave me a number of different policy options and helped my insure my sailboat at the most reasonable price. Now I have peace of mind that I can take my family on holiday this summer and not have to worry about any liabilities.” Jim, Devon

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We are able to provide all different levels of cover for your boat, whether it is for leisure or business purposes. Whilst having insurance in place is not a legal requirement, it can give you peace of mind knowing that you are safe in any circumstance.

Third party is the minimum cover you can purchase and this will protect any other individuals or vehicles that you come into contact with when using your boat. This will not cover any damages to your own vehicle or to the people on it as this will require additional cover.

After third party cover, the next level up will provide compensation for fire, flood, theft and damages. If your vehicle or key parts have been stolen, you will be able to claim for new parts or a replacement.

You will automatically be insured to cruise in the UK, Republic of Ireland, European and Mediterranean waters, but sailing outside of these areas may require additional cover depending on the insurer. (Source:

Accident cover is available for any occupiers of the boat and your insurer will pay for any potential medical bills, legal fees and loss of income.

Liability cover allows you to pay compensation for any damages that you may be liable for towards members of the public or any crew on deck.

For salvage cover, your insurance will pay the costs to find any lost parts of the craft, which will minimise the need to pay for replacement parts.

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