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Jet skiing is a wonderful way to take to the waters. In the UK, there are ample opportunities to jet ski with many centres offering jet ski hire and classes. If you own your own jet ski, the right insurance policy will ensure that you can enjoy the activity with full peace of mind.

Arguably one of the most fun water crafts on the market, jet skis, due to their high speed, are also susceptible to accidents. As such, in order to have a good time when jet skiing, you must make sure that you have the correct coverage.


The Basics of Jet Skiing


In order to get started with jet skiing, many places require a certification. The personal watercraft proficiency course can be completed in just one day and has global recognition. This certification will allow you to jet ski across the UK and is a prerequisite for using your jet ski abroad.


Do I Need Jet Ski Insurance in the UK?


Legally, it is not necessary to have jet ski insurance in order to jet ski in the UK. Nor do you need a license. However, it is definitely beneficial to have appropriate insurance coverage.


Why choose Taylor Watkins for Jet Ski Insurance?


At Taylor Watkins, our policies are designed to suit the needs of the sailing community, offering comprehensive and flexible cover for both local and offshore sailing.

Our specialist policies will help you find the right cover, whatever your specifications, meaning that you can enjoy the water safely and confidently.

We want to get you covered as quickly as possible. Apply online today or give us a call and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote, usually the same day. We can get you covered within a matter of days.

If cruising within the UK or Europe, you are likely to be offered an instant quote online which can be purchased immediately.

All quotes are no obligation, free to apply and tailored to your requirements.

Cost Factors for Jet Ski

When insuring your jet ski, there are many elements that will affect the policy and, subsequently, the cost to insure.

Type of Jet Ski

Depending on the type of jet ski you are trying to insure, the policy and its cost may vary. When considering what type of insurance you are seeking, first assess what type of jet ski you are insuring for example stand-up, sit-down or single seater.


Depending on your experience and your confidence level, this may also affect the type of coverage.

Sailing Purposes

How you are planning to use the jet ski will have an impact on the insurance policy. If you are looking to race or try out new tricks, this will have different implications than if you are planning to use the jet ski for familial purposes or if you are using it for towing, for example.

Model of Jet Ski

The specification of the jet ski, the year it was made and the engine size will all have the potential to influence the insurance policy and its price.



What Can I Expect from a Jet Ski Insurance Policy?

Jet ski insurance policies vary between insurers but here are some of the elements of coverage that you might expect:

  • Third-party jet ski liability cover – this cover is typically standard for jet ski insurance with a variable maximum amount and protects you against the claims of others. It is worth checking the exclusions for these type of policies to see who is classified as ‘third party’
  • No Claims Discount – many insurers offer a no claims policy meaning that your insurance policy will be cheaper if you have no prior claims. Sometimes, they also offer the option to protect this No Claims Discount.
  • Machine failure cover – many policies include cover for machinery failure as standard when the jet ski is under a certain number of years.
  • In-Transit cover – depending on where you store your jet ski, you may need to transport it to the water before taking it out. This usually involves taking it in a trailer or towing it. In-transit cover can protect your jet ski whilst it is being transported.