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Owning a boat is truly unique and having yacht insurance that works for you, gives you with the peace of mind that you are covered for as long as you wish to enjoy the oceans and open waters that are available to you.

We work with providers of insurance for all types of yachts comparing a range of insurers that we bring to you, free of charge to secure the ideal cover for your vessel. We work with insurers to help you find cover for all types of yacht including:

  • Luxury Yachts
  • Mega Yachts
  • Super Yachts
  • Sports Yachts


No matter the level, nature or length of cover that you require, the insurers we work with will provide you with the quotes you need. Simply fill in our application form with a few details about yourself and the vessel. We work with some of the UK’s top and best-known boat insurance companies who offer great cover.

We are a free of charge, FCA Regulated broker for boat insurance and our site is 100% secure to protect your data and we will never pass your details to third parties without your consent.

Just fill in our easy to use application form today or get in touch with us at our UK call centre to easily compare insurance quotes.


How Much Does Yacht Insurance Cost?

With a wide range of yachts, coming in all shapes and sizes, there is no standard price to insure one. However, as with car insurance, there are a number of factors that the insurer will take into account when evaluating the application to provide you with the most competitive quote. Typically, the cost of an insurance policy will depend on these factors combined.

Age of the vessel and length of ownership – Generally, older vessels will cost less to insure, as their value depreciates with time reducing the value of a potential pay-out by the insurer. However, if you wish to insure a classic or an antique yacht, you may need to apply for special insurance. Also important is the amount of time which you have owned it for. Those who have held ownership for longer with no record of any accidents or claims are deemed to be lower risk and will be offered cheaper quotes.

Value – More expensive boats and yachts will more often be quoted slightly higher insurance premiums as should a claim be made, the amount and the value of the claim are both likely to be more due to the value of the vessel. Insurers will offset this risk with slightly higher premiums.

Type of yacht and performance – There are a multitude of types of yachts ranging from performance to fishing types. In addition, the specifications of different types of vessel vary greatly and the horsepower of different models ranges. More powerful yachts with say twin engines rather than single engines tend to have a greater output of horsepower, going faster. The faster you can go, the greater the risk and this is something that insurers will account for.

‘Cruising area’ and where you will operate – With many different places, waterways and options to enjoy, where you will be using your yacht is another factor that insurers will account for. Some areas pose greater risks than others. For example, if you are planning a voyage through narrow lakes, there will be a greater risk of damage to your vessel and therefore a greater risk of a claim when compared to larger areas of use such as oceans.


Additional Factors

There are additional factors and protections that you may be looking for to be fully covered for every eventuality and our insurers offer many of these additions including:

Storm Plans – For those travelling to areas that may be affected by hurricanes, tornadoes and storms. If a storm approaches, this cover will allow your vessel to be towed to a protected facility.

Towing Insurance – Most people who own boats and yachts need to tow their vessels to the harbour before setting off. It is very important that the vessel being towed is covered by a proper towing insurance policy that covers it whilst in-situ; being towed.

At Taylor Watkins we want to get you covered as quickly as possible. Apply online today or give us a call and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote, usually the same day. We can get you covered within a matter of days.

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Do I need a Yacht Insurance policy?

Before applying for insurance for the boat in question, it is important to know which category yours falls into. Typically, a yacht will fulfil numerous criteria to qualify:

  • 26 feet or more in length (often 40 feet or longer)
  • Powered by more powerful than usual single/ twin engines
  • Larger than what would otherwise be considered a ‘small boat’

To be sure you receive the ideal quote and one that is perfectly suited to your needs and that of your vessel. Our application form helps you choose from a number of different types to help you categorise yours as needed.

Getting a Yacht Insurance Quote

With Boat Insurance compare, applying for and receiving the quotes you need to get started on your voyage or trip couldn’t be easier. Simply fill in our quick and easy application form with your details and some details about the yacht you wish to insure and submit.

From there, we will provide you with a list of insurers and what they offer as well as a price for your vessel based on the information you provide. All you then need to do is pick the option from the insurer that is best suited to you. Our service is free to use and we never charge for applications.

Compare Yacht Insurance Quotes

Our comparison tool and simple application form make it easier than you might expect to compare boat insurance and for yachts the process is as easy as can be. Our service is free to use and we won’t charge anything for your application. We are an FCA regulated, UK based broker for all types of insurance for boats and we will always work with you to ensure the most competitive quotes that you won’t find elsewhere.

Get started and receive a quote today to get you started on your exciting voyage today.


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