Boat Insurance Magazine

The Benefits of Boat Insurance

There are many benefits of taking out a personalised boat insurance policy. Have peace of mind whether your boat is out at sea or docked, knowing that it is covered against damages, loss or injury.

Benefits of Boat Insurance

  • Up to £5,000,000 Third Party Liability Cover – despite how careful you are being, accidents can happen whilst you are out on the water. As standard, we include pup to £5,000,000 worth of third party cover.
  • 25% No Claims Bonus – we offer up to 25% No Claims Bonus with the option of a protected No Claims Bonus or excess waiver on certain policies
  • Protect Your Boat from Damages – cover yourself for potential damages of your vessel. This may include superficial surface damage whilst out at sea or damage to underwater machinery such as damaged propellers or rudders.
  • Cover Your Boat for Theft  – the high value of motorboats make them a likely target for theft. By taking out a suitable coverage policy, you can cover for theft.

Do I Need Boat Insurance?

Owning a boat comes with its own set of risks. Their high-speed nature makes them susceptible to accidents and damage during sailing whilst their high-value makes them an easy target for thieves whilst in dock. Boat insurance is a way to cover any potential losses.

Although boat insurance is often not legally required, it is highly recommendable for any boat owner. Without appropriate insurance cover, the cost incurred for any damages, thefts or injury could be extremely high.

At Taylor Watkins, our policies are designed to suit the needs of the sailing community, offering comprehensive and flexible cover for both local and offshore sailing.

How Quickly Can I Get Insured?

At Taylor Watkins we want to get you covered as quickly as possible. Apply online today or give us a call and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote, usually the same day. We can get you covered within a matter of days. If cruising within the UK or Europe, you are likely to be offered an instant quote online which can be purchased immediately.

All quotes are no obligation, free to apply and tailored to your requirements.

How Much Can I Insure?

Taylor Watkins offers up to £5 million Third Party Liability cover, up to 25% No Claims Bonus (with the option to protect this) and an option of excess waiver cover. All motorboat policies are issued on an agreed value basis so that in the event of a total loss claim, you will receive a payout of what you insured the vessel for.