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Why Insure Your Small Craft?

Whether you own a sailing boat, catamaran, dinghy or any other type of small boat,  having the right insurance policy is essential for peace of mind. After all, even the smallest boat can be worth a considerable amount of money. And whether insuring your boat is required for usage, or just good common sense, it is essential that you find the right insurance policy to suit your specific needs.

Luckily, at Taylor Watkins, we are able to provide a wide variety of specialist insurance options that will ensure that you find the right cover. We search to find you the best and most affordable cover available, so that you can feel both confident and safe while exploring the waters of the UK.

What does small boat insurance cover?

Whether you are looking to leisurely cruise in the inland waterways of the UK, or to take your vessel further afield, it is vital that you get the right insurance policy to cover all of your needs. Everyone’s boating requirement is different so it is important that you get the specific policy that applies to your vessel and the way in which you want to use it. Small boat insurance can cover a wide variety of requirements and scenarios, including:

  • Damage to the boat. Repairs or replacement for the boat when damaged by accident, inclement weather, and other events.
  • Theft and vandalism. Provides repairs or replacement if your small boat is vandalized or stolen.
  • Medical expenses. If there is injury to yourself or someone else when using your small boat, insurance policy may cover medical treatment and other related expenses.
  • Liability for accidents. If you are involved in, or responsible for, an accident when using your small boat, insurance can cover the cost of legal fees and settlements.
  • Other aspects of boating, including:
    • Search, Rescue, and Evacuation
    • Mooring Fees
    • Legal Protection
    • Replacement Lock and Keys
    • Emergency Travel
    • Trailers and Trolleys
    • Houseboat Contents
    • Race Fee Cover

Is Small Boat Insurance Required By Law?

The legal requirements for small boats are based around where you plan to use the vessel, as opposed to the technical make-up of the boat itself. 

For example if you only ever use your boat on seas or oceans, then boat insurance is not compulsory. However if you are planning to use your small boat on UK waterways, you are usually required to have insurance before you can apply for a waterways license. While the specific rules and regulations vary depending on the Navigation Authority operating in your area, most authorities do require insurance if you plan to use your small boat on, say, a river or any other inland waterway. 


How Much Does Small Boat Insurance Cost?

Boat insurance takes so many different risk factors into consideration when calculating a premium, so it is difficult to give a single number when discussing boat insurance. Factors that affect the cost of insurance can include:

  • Type of boat (whether it is a dinghy, houseboat, canal boat, speedboat etc)
  • Market value of the boat 
  • Model of the boat
  • Year that the boat was built
  • Type of engine that the boat has
  • Where it is stored or moored
  • Where it is usually used

Luckily, at Taylor Watkins, we compare rates and coverage options from a whole range of providers, evaluating different insurance companies in order to find the best policy for your specific needs. Taylor Watkins provides impartial quotes quickly, and completely free of charge, so that you can get insured safely and quickly.


At Taylor Watkins, our policies are designed to suit the needs of the sailing community, offering comprehensive and flexible cover for both local and offshore sailing.

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How Soon Can I Get Small Boat Insurance?

At Taylor Watkins, we work to get your covered as quickly as possible. All you need to do is apply online today, or give us a call, and we will get back to you ASAP with a quote tailored towards your specific boating needs. Usually we can get back to you the very same day, and get you covered within a matter of days.

If you are using your small boat in the UK or Europe, you will likely be offered a quote online instantly. You can then begin the application process at your leisure. The specific time that it will take for you to be covered will depend on the policy and provider. The entire process is free

What Information Will I Need To Provide?

You will need to provide several pieces of information when applying for small boat insurance. These can include:

  • Purpose of use: Specific policies will depend on how you are planning to use the vessel  (for example, whether it is for leisure, racing, or  commercial purposes).
  • Location of use: Policies may also depend where you are planning to use the small boat (for example whether you are planning to use the craft at sea or in inland waterways).
  • Proficiency at sailing: Your confidence and experience level, as well as any licenses you might hold, will also affect the policy
  • Type of vessel: The specific vessel that you are insuring will also affect the policy. Policies will differ according to both the vessel, as well as its make, model, and age. 

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