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What To Consider When Choosing Your Marina

When choosing which marina you want to moor your boat in, you need to consider insurance, access, value, location, the boating community, maintenance, security and any other additional costs.

Choosing a marina in which to moor your boat can be a difficult decision. You might have a lot of choice in your area, or you might have very little if you live near popular waterways. When choosing where to moor your boat on a permanent basis, it is important to consider the following factors.



Insurance is a necessity wherever you decide to moor your boat. Boats are expensive to buy and can be expensive to repair, so it is important that you are covered for all circumstances.

Insurance means your boat will be protected against any bad weather, accidents or even theft. Mooring your boat at a marina can often decrease the chances of an incident and also the price of your insurance policy as marinas can offer increased security.



It is also important to consider the access points of your chosen marina before you decide to moor your boat there. If you have to tow your boat to the site for it to be moored, it is important to check there will be enough space for you to do so.

In addition to this, some marinas have staff employed which will be able to help you if you need to manoeuvre your boat in and out of the marina. If you will be doing so on a regular basis, access will be even more important, as being unable to move your boat easily will result in increased time spent  attempting to reach open water.



When choosing a marina, you will want to consider the value for the money you are paying. The cheapest deals are not always the best value for money. You will want to look into any extra benefits or facilities of your closest marinas to weigh up whether it is worth paying a little extra for a better location. Choosing a more secure site could also make you savings on your insurance policy, so it is also important to check that in advance.



Location is also a key factor when choosing a marina. If you visit your boat regularly, it would probably be a better idea to select a marina closer to your home in order to avoid travelling a long way to reach it. Some locations will also be more secure than others, and have a better boating community.




Boating Community

If the boating community is an important factor for you when choosing a marina, ensure you speak to other boat owners before you decide to moor your boat there. The boating community can be nice for those looking to speak to fellow boat owners, offer advice, or take trips together, so assess whether you think the local community will be for you beforehand.



Alongside staff and facilities, some marinas offer maintenance included in the price of the mooring. This can include boat washing and waxing to help maintain the boat’s cleanliness and condition. Additionally, some marinas have facilities where you can purchase essentials and parts to make any repairs easily.



Security is another crucial factor when choosing a marina in which to moor your boat. You want to prioritise the safety of your vessel above all else in order to avoid having to contact your insurer or make any repairs due to accidents. Having decent security can also decrease the price of your insurance policy, so it may be worth paying extra for security.


Additional Costs

Additional costs of choosing a marina can include the fuel used to transport the boat, and whether or not you will have to travel to reach a fuel station. There is also council tax and electricity connections to take into consideration, which may incur an additional charge on top of the fee for the marina.