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Can I Moor & Anchor My Boat Anywhere?

When buying a boat, it is important to factor in all of the costs involved, including how much it could potentially cost to insure, run and moor or anchor a boat.

Most moorings do not have formal planning consent, meaning that when vacancies occasionally become available it is not for very long due to the short supply. Private operators and navigation authorities can both offer residential moorings, which typically are very expensive.

There are different types of moorings available, so it is crucial to check which type you are looking for and whether it is possible to change the dates of your mooring if unexpected circumstances do arise.

Short-stay moorings are the most popular and usually last between 48 hours and a week, however during the winter they typically extend to two weeks. It is also usually possible to extend a short-stay mooring with fees charged on a daily basis. These types of moorings do not usually have electricity, although some do provide it.


Where Can I Moor My Boat?

Around the country, there are always a wide range of options for places to moor boats, with and without other facilities included. When deciding where to moor the boat, it is important to take into account how long you wish to moor it for, and how much this may cost.

In popular areas, it is typically more expensive to moor a boat with places being in shorter supply. Consequently, you should always research your options when deciding where you would like to moor your boat, especially if you are looking to moor it in a marina on a permanent basis.


Can I Moor My Boat at the End of My Garden?

Legally speaking, you are permitted to moor your boat at the end of your garden. As long as the area you are mooring your boat in is associated with only your residential property, it can be moored at the end of a canal or river.

In spite of this, there are some restrictions on specific waterways around the country such as the Kennet & Avon Canal, so it is always important to double check before mooring your boat somewhere permanently. Moorings cannot be made anywhere which could cause a safety hazard for other boats.

The price for mooring a boat at the end of your garden is based on the mooring fees within the area. There is usually a discount for mooring on your own property as you technically already own the land.




Can I Run a Business From My Mooring?

Businesses on moored boats are only increasing in popularity, with floating cafes, art galleries and hotels popping up all over the country. Commercial and trade moorings are permitted on both short and long term basis’, with the aim of providing a service for those close to waterways. It is always important to check with the marina or whoever is responsible for your boat mooring before setting up a business from a moored boat.


Who Can Buy a Mooring?

Anyone can buy a mooring, whether it is boaters with a home mooring or those who want to cruise continuously. There are usually no restrictions on mooring boats wherever you desire, as long as you have a boating license which is valid.