Superyacht Insurance

Owning a superyacht is no a simple task, with an ever-changing list of demands and challenges pushed upon owners, managers, captains and their crew.

At Taylor Watkins, we understand the needs for those running such complex and expansive vessels, and can help navigate the complexities around getting comprehensive insurance.


What Is the Difference Between a Yacht and a Superyacht?


While the terms “yacht” and “superyacht” are not used interchangeably, there are no specific size measurements or criteria that can be used to distinguish between the two.

While it may be assumed the bigger the vessel, the more likely it’ll be a superyacht, and in certain ways this may be true, size isn’t always the best indicator. However, that being said, the biggest and most expensive yachts out there are almost always branded as superyachts.

One thing that appears to be a common trend with superyachts is that they usually come equipped with luxurious features or “toys”, such as jet skis, speedboats etc.

As superyachts can often come with more lavished features, they can also then require more cover to protect such qualities if anything were to happen. Taylor Watkins can help those needing cover to find the right insurance to suit their needs.


What Kind of Cover Do I Need for My Superyacht?


With so many different features to such a vessel, there’s a range of different covers you may want to consider for your superyacht, including the following:

  • Employers’ Liability.
  • Yacht Owners Liability to Crew.
  • Crew Personal Accident.
  • Crew Medical and Repatriation.
  • Protection and Indemnity.
  • Increased Value/Disbursements.
  • War Risks.
  • Fine Art and Antiques.

Here at Taylor Watkins, we can help you to find a number of different covers to help keep your superyacht properly protected, including Hull and Machinery Insurance as well as Protection and Indemnity Insurance (otherwise known as P&I) – this cover can also be extended to protect antiques and fine art.


How Much Does Superyacht Insurance Cost?


The cost of superyacht insurance will vary, depending on the amount of cover you go for, as well as details of the vessel itself and what specifically is being covered.

Superyachts are a symbol of wealth and luxury amongst the super-rich, an asset that offers varying features, luxuries and experiences. Due to the variation in features and luxuries such vessels offer up, the right level of cover can vary from yacht to yacht.

However, one thing all superyachts share is the need for the right insurance to properly protect their valuable features. If you’re looking for superyacht insurance to keep your vessel covered, get in touch with our team today to discuss your options:

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What Does a Superyacht Policy Cover?


Superyacht insurance policies can cover a wide range of different things, depending on the type of cover and the details of the prospective policy holder. Below are just some of the areas a superyacht policy can cover:

Employers’ Liability Insurance – this type of insurance will protect an employer from expenses and costs that come from their liability to protect the safety those under their employment – for example, paid crew working on the superyacht. While the precise details of employment law vary depending on the country, British flagged vessels that are in British waters need to have Employers’ Liability as a mandatory requirement.

Crew Personal Accident Insurance – this cover can provide compensation in the event of permanent disablement or death following an accident.

Protection and Indemnity Insurance – otherwise abbreviated to P&I, this covers various different aspects of use, operation and ownership of the vessel. At Taylor Watkins, we can help you find protection that can be extended to include antiques and fine art.


Why Apply for Superyacht Insurance With Taylor Watkins?


Taylor Watkins are a dedicated vessel insurance broker, on a mission to help you navigate the world of vessel insurance, and help you to get the level of cover you need.

We’re partnered with specialist Marine Insurance products provider Topsail insurance, who have been helping the sailing community to keep themselves properly covered for over two decades.

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