Narrowboat Insurance

Canals, and other types of inland waterways, as well as the narrowboats which run up and down them, are a charming part of the UK’s landscape.

While you may know how to move along such waterways, when navigating your way around narrowboat insurance you may feel out of your depth, unsure of what’s covered, how much it costs and whether you need it in the first place (spoiler alert – you do).

For those who needing narrowboat insurance, here at Taylor Watkins, we can help you to find cover for both narrowboats and canal boats that navigate on the UK and European Inland Non-Tidal Waterways – excluding the following:

  • Windermere.
  • Scottish Lochs.
  • Norwegian Fjords.

You can find great deals on cover for your narrowboat insurance with Taylor Watkins today.


What Is Narrowboat Insurance?


Narrowboat insurance is a type of cover for your narrowboat. Its aim is to protect not only your craft, but also yourself and others using the waterways.

Narrowboat insurance can help to protect you by providing the following types of cover:

  • Third party liability cover.
  • Personal accident cover.
  • Cover for parts of the craft that could malfunction or get damaged.

While these are some of the protections narrowboat can cover you for, it’s important to read through prospective policies thoroughly, understanding exactly what you’re covered for before agreeing to it.

Our partner offers fully comprehensive cover in their specialist narrowboat insurance cover, which includes £3 million Third Party Liability cover as standard.


Do I Need Narrowboat Insurance?


Yes, for those wanting to use the Inland Waterway system, you will have to at the very least have Third Party Liability insurance.

While Third Party Liability insurance is the minimum amount of cover you’ll need to use your narrowboat along the Inland Waterway system, there are additional covers that may also be of interest, including personal accident cover and cover for damaged/malfunctioning parts of the craft as listed above.


What’s Covered With Narrowboat Insurance?


There are a range of different things narrowboat insurance can cover, the extent of this cover depending on the insurance policy you end up opting for. Below is a list with just some of the features that can come with narrowboat insurance cover:

  • Third Party Liability – included as standard for all types of cover, and is required for those wanting to use their craft on the Inland Waterway system.
  • Personal Accident – while narrowboats aren’t the fastest things on the water, accidents can still happen, and personal accident insurance can help you to keep protected in such unfortunate events.
  • Marina Benefits – if your craft is moored permanently on a marina berth, or kept ashore in the same location, marina benefits cover means you won’t get charged excess on claims made while your craft is either moored or stored.
  • Excess Waiver – subject to the terms and conditions of a policy, you may be able to get Excess Waiver cover added, meaning the excess or deductible will not apply when making a claim under your policy.

Our partner’s specialist narrowboat insurance offers an excellent level of cover, including Fully Comprehensive cover (with £3 million Third Party Liability cover as standard), Excess Waiver cover, up to 25% No Claims Bonus, Marina Benefits cover and more.


What Is the Best Narrowboat Insurance Company for Me?


The best narrowboat insurance company will depend on the amount of cover you’re wanting, and whether the company offer this. While Third Party Liability can be a necessary cover needed, it’s not the only one worth considering.

At Taylor Watkins, we can help you to find fantastic, comprehensive cover for your narrowboat, keeping you better protected in case anything were to happen.


Why Apply for Narrowboat Insurance With Taylor Watkins?


Here at Taylor Watkins, we’re dedicated to helping you find the right insurance to meet yours, and your craft’s, needs.

We’re here to help the sailing community find the protection they need. To help us achieve this, we’ve partnered with Topsail insurance, provider of specialist Marine Insurance products, who have been dedicated to helping cover this community for the last 25 years.

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